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International Seminar ECM France

Take advantage of the experiential-learning opportunities built into many programs.

About ESLM

From The Market to The Market

The European School of Leadership & Management is founded in the heart of Belgium to be a hub for intellects and curious minds. Through innovation, creativity, and professional harboring, students will be equipped with all that is needed to tackle serious issues in leadership, entrepreneurship, supply chain management, design brand management, marketing, and sustainable management.

ESLM goes beyond borders, other than the campus in Belgium, degrees are affiliated from France, workshops will be held in UAE “Dubai”, partners are international and students are from all nationalities.

At ESLM we are strong believers in the equilibrium between the knowledge and competencies to equip our students with the set of skills and theoretical background to answer the needs of the ongoing changing market.

Education Providers Since
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45 Years

ESLM is run by top-notch directors and specialists to ensure the best quality of academic education.

Executives and Directors